As an embedded software engineer with a background in electrical engineering I enjoy electronics and embedded C/C++ programming. I also spend time thinking about psychology, society, and how all of the above interacts.

My strongest motivation is my desire for understanding how systems function and creating working, maintainable software. I am continuously driven to remove inefficiencies as well as causes of error from the processes I am part of.

I currently work as a C/C++ embedded software engineer at cbb on improving the HiL test stand.

Previously, I worked at SOREL where I performed a mix of maintenance and development programming for heating controllers and room thermostats. My tasks ranged from building middleware to implementing application level feature requests.
From time to time I supported the hardware side by specifying aspects of the schematic and PCB layout relevant to my part of the project as well as checking and debugging the result. I was in contact with external partners like RF labs or test houses to prepare our devices for EMC tests or help the certification process along.

I have been practicing vipassanā style meditation according to S. N. Goenka on a daily basis since 2019. In a blog post Sam Harris explains vipassanā’s scientific approach, the basic practice, and its benefits.

Get in touch if you are interested in a collaboration or would like to know more about one of my projects or topics I write about.